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At Master Your Medics, our mission is simple: to help you gain relevant knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply the next day as a Paramedic or EMT.  

Master Your Medics is an all-in-one Online EMS education membership for people like you who believe in life long learning. 

Your courses will feature real paramedics from all different walks of life. Flight paramedics, Community Care Paramedics, Advanced Care Paramedics from all over the world, and pair those courses with the community you need to succeed.


Because you're here we want to offer you a very special 2 year access to Master Your Medics

The trial gives you access to several course in our training library (featuring over 50 hours of high quality video taught by experts), plus bi-weekly live classes, access to our community of like minded paramedics and EMTs, and our "life long learner" roadmap, a step-by-step plan to help you develop a habit of life long learning.

This special trial is completely free, and it’s for people like you who are interested in becoming a better Paramedic or EMT through on going education that is worth your time.

As we said, this special trial is completely free, no hidden fees or upsells. If you stick around after the trial, the monthly membership is just $15/month, which gives you access to the courses, roadmap, and community.

See why over 5000 people just like you have relied on Master Your Medics to help them make progress towards being the medic that "gets it".


–Geoff Murphy, Master Your Medics Founder

We didn't want this to be just about Continuing Education

This is about continually making you better!

  • Access to our distributive NREMT or NREMT-P refresher

  • BONUS : Resiliency in Action classes monthly, designed to help you develop strong mental habits to keep us happy and passionate about EMS

  • BONUS : "First Year" mentorship program for people just starting to learn the ropes of EMS

  • BONUS : Access to special live workshops to submit for credit

  • BONUS : Live guest classes discussing the more important topics in EMS

Hi there - We are Master Your Medics!

We believe that EMS education should be interesting and fun.

More importantly, we believe your continuing education should make you a better practitioner. You will be taught by critical care flight paramedics, special forces paramedics, and community care paramedics. All committed to making your education experience awesome.
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Hi there - We are Master Your Medics!
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Who is this for?

  • Paramedics or EMTs looking to enjoy their continuing education.

  • Paramedics or EMTs looking to become the partner that just "gets it"

  • Paramedics of EMTs that are looking to be the best practitioner they can be

We are accredited world wide!

World wide accreditation means EMTs and Paramedics anywhere can submit for credit!

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