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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to your EMT Refresher!
    • Welcome / Instructions
    • Illustrated Notes
  • 2
    Assessing a Patient
    • Purpose of the Primary assessment
    • The Scene Survey
    • Initial Assessment
    • ABC Assessment
    • AMPLE History
    • OPQRSTA Aseessment
    • AVPU Assessment Skill
    • Pupil Assessment Skill
    • Neck Assessment Skill
    • Chest Assessment Skill
    • Lung Sounds Skill
    • Abdominal Assessment Skill
    • Pelvic Assessment Skill
    • CMS Check Assessment
  • 3
    Deeper Dive Into Vital Signs
    • AVPU and A+O Status
    • Respiratory Rate
    • Pulse and Rate
    • The Blood Pressure
    • The SPO2
    • Deeper Dive into SPO2
    • Vital Signs Quiz
  • 4
    Cellular Biology and Shock
    • Cellular Physiology
    • Types of Shock
    • Pathophysiology of Shock Compensation
    • What is shock?
    • Cardiogenic Shock
    • Hypovolemic Shock
    • Neurogenic Shock
    • Obstructive Shock
    • Septic Shock
    • Interactive Shock Scenarios
  • 5
    Cardiac Emergencies
    • Cardiac Physiology
    • Cardiac Emergencies - EMR
    • Cardiac Emergencies - EMR
    • Myocardial Infarction Interactive Module
    • Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Management
    • Adult Cardiac Arrest Management
  • 6
    • Respiratory Physiology
    • Respiratory Emergencies - EMR
  • 7
    Airway and Oxygenation
    • Fundamentals of Oxygen and Ventilation
    • Managing Oxygenation
    • Airway Basics
    • Using a BVM
    • Should we give this patient oxygen?
    • Airway and O2 Basics Quiz
  • 8
    • Foundations to Pharmacology
    • What To Know About Medications
    • Routes of Administration
    • Phases of Drug Administration
    • Peak, Onset, Duration and Drug Half-Life
    • Understanding Pharmacodynamics
    • Understanding Affinity
    • Understanding Efficacy
    • Agonists Vs Antagonists
    • Pharmacology Basics Quiz
  • 9
    • What Is Sepsis? FREE PREVIEW
    • Pathophysiology of Septic Shock (Part 1)
    • Pathophysiology of Septic Shock (Part 2)
    • Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome
    • Septic Shock Treatment Goals
    • Pathophysiology of Bacteria Infection
    • Infectious Disease Practice Quiz
  • 10
    Psychological Emergencies
    • How to care for family during the death of a loved one
    • How to care for a suicidal patient patient
    • Caring for dementia patients
    • Managing patients with panic attacks and dissociative episodes
  • 11
    Obstetrical Emergencies
    • Ectopic Pregnancy
    • Miscarriage : Spontaneous Abortion
    • Abruptio Placenta
    • Placenta Previa
    • Pre-Eclampsia / Eclampsia
    • Supine Hypotensive Syndrome
    • Delivery of an Infant
    • Delivery Emergencies
    • Neonate Assessment and Management
    • APGAR Score
    • Infant CPR
    • Obstetrics Basics Quiz
  • 12
    • Kinematics Of Trauma
    • Head Trauma
    • Spine, Chest and Abdomen Trauma
    • Traumatic Hemorrhage and tourniquet application
    • Managing a Mass Casualty Incidenty

Meet Your Lead Instructor Geoff Murphy

Think of me as your personal assistant in curing the EMR continuing education blues. I am currently a flight paramedic and have been in EMS for 13 years. I remember going through school teaching myself through reading text books over and over again. Frustrated that I was only making progress in small steps, understanding just the surface of medicine. When I became a teacher 11 years ago I became committed to teaching students why we do the things we do. I wanted to teach EMRs to dig below the surface of medicine and truly understand it. I've taught thousands of students through Master Your Medics, helping them soar through their national exams and into their careers. Now I want to help you keep developing into a great EMR, I hope to see you inside our Canadian EMR Refresher so we can do just that!
Meet Your Lead Instructor Geoff Murphy