Because You Need To Sail Through The EMT National Registry Exam

For years Master Your Medics has been your go-to resource to become a better Paramedic/EMT student by making learning engaging, fun and easy. Now you can get that engaging and fun learning while interacting live with a professional paramedic educator who has decades of experience so you can pass your national registry exam with confidence!
Because You Need To Sail Through The EMT National Registry Exam

Course Curriculum

Here Is Your Course Content and Lessons

  • 1
    Welcome to your EMT Refresher!
    • Welcome / Instructions
    • EMT Memory Dump Sheet
    • EMT Illustrated Notes
    • Course Information
  • 2
    The Foundation
    • The Purpose of the Primary assessment
    • The Scene Survey
    • Initial Assessment
    • ABC Assessment
    • AMPLE History
    • OPQRSTA Aseessment
    • AVPU Assessment Skill
    • OPQRSTA Assessment
    • AVPU Assessment Skill
    • Pupil Assessment Skill
    • Neck Assessment Skill
    • Chest Assessment Skill
    • Lung Sounds Skill
    • Abdominal Assessment Skill
    • Pelvic Assessment Skill
    • CMS Check Assessment
    • The Assessment Quiz
  • 3
    Vital Signs
    • AVPU and A+O Status
    • Respiratory Rate
    • Pulse and Rate
    • The Blood Pressure
    • The SPO2
    • Deeper Dive into SPO2
    • Vital Signs Quiz
  • 4
    Airway Lessons
    • Basic Lung Anatomy
    • The Process of Ventilation
    • Ventilation VS Oxygenation
    • The Importance of PEEP
    • The Fundamentals of Oxygen and Ventilation
    • Managing Oxygenation
    • Interactive Scenarios : Should we give this patient oxygen?
    • Airway Basics
    • Using a BVM
    • Airway and O2 Quiz
  • 5
    Introduction to Pharmacology
    • Foundations to Pharmacology
    • What To Know About Medications
    • Routes of Administration
    • Phases of Drug Administration
    • Peak, Onset, Duration and Drug Half-Life
    • Understanding Pharmacodynamics
    • Understanding Affinity
    • Understanding Efficacy
    • Agonists Vs Antagonists
    • Pharmacology Quiz
  • 6
    Understanding Shock
    • What Is a Cell?
    • Components of The Cell
    • The Cell Wall
    • Passive and Active Transport
    • Energy Production In Cells
    • What is Shock?
    • Types of Shock
    • Pathophysiology of Shock Compensation
    • Cardiogenic Shock
    • Hypovolemic Shock
    • Neurogenic Shock
    • Obstructive Shock
    • Septic Shock
    • Interactive Shock Scenarios
    • Pathophysiology of Shock Quiz
  • 7
    Cardiac Lessons
    • Introducing The Heart
    • Internal Anatomy
    • Coronary Vessels
    • Cardiac Output
    • What Drives The Heart?
    • Electrical Pathway Physiology
    • Cardiac Muscles
    • Cardiac Cell Action
    • The Cardiac Assessment
    • Cardiac Emergencies
    • Myocardial Infarction Interactive Module
    • Cardiac Quiz
  • 8
    Respiratory Lessons
    • The Movement of Blood
    • The Movement of Air
    • The Alveolus
    • The Mechanics of Breathing
    • Inspiration and Expiration
    • What Controls Respiration?
    • Lung Volumes
    • The Respiratory Assessment
    • Respiratory Emergencies
    • Respiratory Quiz
  • 9
    Neurologic Lessons
    • How The Nervous System Sends Transmissions
    • The Synapse
    • Action Potential
    • The Central Nervous System
    • The Peripheral Nervous System
    • The Brain
    • Areas of The Brain
    • The Midbrain
    • The Ventricles
    • How Does The Brain Regulate Perfusion?
    • Transient Ischemic Attack
    • Ischemic Strokes
    • Hemorrhagic Strokes
    • Cerebral Herniation
    • Causes and Progression of Seizures
    • Seizure Tonic-Clonic Pathophysiology
    • Grand Mal Seizures Treatment
    • Postictal States
    • Neurological Quiz
  • 10
    Abdominal Emergencies
    • The Stomach
    • The Small Intestine
    • The Role of The Pancreas and Gall Bladder
    • Portal Circulation
    • The Large Intestine
    • Upper GI Bleed
    • Lower GI Bleeding
    • Gastritis
    • Hepatitis
    • Portal Hypertension
    • Appendicitis
    • Peritonitis
    • Abdominal Emergencies Quiz
  • 11
    Obstetrical Emergencies
    • Changes During Pregnancy
    • Ectopic Pregnancy
    • Miscarriage : Spontaneous Abortion
    • Abruptio Placenta
    • Placenta Previa
    • Pre-Eclampsia / Eclampsia
    • Supine Hypotensive Syndrome
    • Delivery of an Infant
    • Delivery Emergencies
    • Neonate Assessment and Management
    • Obstetrics Quiz
  • 12
    • Dealing With Pediatrics and Their Parents
    • Pediatric Assessment Triangle
    • Pediatric Blood Pressure
    • Pediatric Respiratory Distress and Ventilation
    • Pediatric Emergencies Quiz
  • 13
  • 14
    Trauma Emergencies
    • Kinematics Of Trauma
    • Head Trauma
    • Neck, Chest, Abdominal Trauma
    • Trauma During Pregnancy
    • Head Trauma
    • Spinal Trauma
    • Flail Chest
    • Sucking Chest Wounds
    • Open and Closed Pneumothorax
    • Pulmonary Contusions
    • Pelvic Trauma and Binders
    • Hemorrhagic Shock
    • How to us a Tourniquet
    • Trauma During Pregnancy
    • Working a Mass Casualty Incident
    • Trauma Quiz
  • 15
    Psychological Emergencies
    • How to care for family during a death of a loved one
    • Caring for dementia patients
    • Managing Panic Attacks and Disassociate Episodes
  • 16
    NREMT Exam Strategy
    • Exam Preparation Step-by-Step Approach
    • Preparing Physically and Mentally For Exams
    • 3 Quick Tips for Test Taking
    • Exam Question Strategy

Meet Your Lead Instructor Geoff Murphy

Think of me as your personal assistant in curing the EMT Student blues I am currently a flight paramedic and have been in EMS for 11 years. I remember going through school teaching myself through reading text books over and over again. Frustrated that I was only making progress in small steps, understanding just the surface of medicine. When I became a teacher 9 years ago I became committed to teaching students why we do the things we do. I wanted to teach EMTs to dig below the surface of medicine and truely understand it. I've taught thousands of students through Master Your Medics, helping them soar through their national exams and into their careers. Now I want to help you, I hope to see you inside our EMT refresher and get you past this last hurdle!
Meet Your Lead Instructor Geoff Murphy

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